5 reasons why breakfast is so important

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We all remember the words “breakfast eat yourself, lunch share with friend and dinner give to the enemy.” In the daily life, we often ignore breakfast, replacing it with a cup of coffee on foot, and dinner becomes our only copious meal.

Of course not late and the consequences for the organism, starting with digestive disorders, lack of tone, constant fatigue.


Indeed, it is the breakfast sets the tone of the body throughout the day.


If you still doubt the importance of breakfast, we propose you 5 reasons to believe in it:


  1. In the morning, after a long break, our bodies need to be “nudged forward” with less energy. Breakfast drives metabolism for the day. Not in vain in most diets pay attention to the morning meal.
  2. Consider what does word breakfast mean? In fact, our body needs to be kindled again in the morning, and this is precisely breakfast. It has been shown that breakfast improves and the ability to save. Still, our brain needs energy.
  3. Eat more to lose weight …. Numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast regularly lose weight faster than those who skip breakfast.
  4. At breakfast we often eat foods that are not served at other meals. Milk with oat flakes and fruit juice are an excellent source of so useful for the organism fiber, B vitamins and calcium. We recommend that you eat cereals for breakfast because they are rich in complex carbohydrates. In that way you will prolong the feeling of satiety, calmly awaiting the lunch.
  5. Give a good example to your children. If you skip breakfast, why your kids to believe that it is important and useful?!