Barley is one of the oldest crops known to people.

It is considered that originated in Southeast Asia or in mountainous regions of modern-day Ethiopia.

Nowadays, the barley is grown mainly in areas with temperate climates.

It is one of the most adaptive cereals – can grow at low temperatures, drought and cold, and in poor of minerals feeding.

Types of products from barley

Wholegrain barley – like whole-grain rice here was removed only scales, and amniotic shell and germ are reserved. Rich in fiber, vitamins of the Group c, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron. It is suitable for preparation of sprouts.

Pearl barley – polished with mechanical grinding of amniotic shell, this type is best suited for cooking.

Barley flakes – represent pressed barley grains, whole grain rich in fiber. It is used as an ingredient in muesli and self, soaked in yogurt or fruit juice.

Cooking tips

The barley is boiled in a ratio of 1 part beans: 1-2 cups of liquid. It is used for garnish, add in soups, such as muesli or porridge for breakfast.

In Asian cuisine, raw barley is used for preparation of salty fermented Miso paste.