Amaranth 300 g

Amaranth in Greek means ” everburning” flower. This ancient crop appreciated by the Aztecs,  is known at many places around the world. Amaranthh is the seed of the Pigweed plant and just like quinoa and chia, it can be used as a substitute for grains or in combination with them. There are many recipes for its preparation, including using it as a raw material for beer, as a main course, dessert or popcorn. The product is rich in fibers, proteins and does not contain gluten.

We recommend that you soak the amaranth for at least 6-8 hours before cooking it.

In a package of 300 g

Nutritional value 100g % of RDP*
Енергийна стойност (kJ) 1527 18%
Енергийна стойност (kcal) 365,2 18%
Мазнини (g) 7,0 10%
от които наситени мастни киселини (g) 1,5 7%
Въглехидрати (g) 58,6 23%
от които захари (g) 1,7 2%
Влакнини (g) 7 27%
Белтъци (g) 14 27%
Сол (g) ** 0,0 0%

Reference intake of an average adult (8 400kJ / 2 000kcal)

** due to natural contained sodium