Salad with crab rolls, rich sauce and corn and rice pasta 15мин easy 4 portions Curry soup with noodles, buckwheat and corn 40мин easy 4 portions Ligurian variant of pasta from buckwheat and rice 35мин easy 4 portions Rice pasta in Asian style 40мин easy 4 portions Corn and rice pasta with eggplant and anchovy 25мин easy 4 portions Rice pasta with carrots, zucchini and gorgonzola 25мин easy 3 portions Buckwheat and corn pasta with celery 25мин easy 4 portions Buckwheat and rice pasta 15мин easy 4 portions Raw halva 30мин fairly easy 6 portions Smoothie with tropical flavour 20мин fairly easy 2 portions Muesli Choco Delight 10мин fairly easy 2 portions Muesli Exotic 10мин fairly easy 2 portions Muesli Superfit 10мин fairly easy 2 portions Tropical muesli 15мин fairly easy 2 portions Vegetarian kebab 40мин complex 4 portions Pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce 40мин fairly easy 2 portions Meatballs Veggie 90мин easy 4 portions Party sticks 60мин fairly easy 4 portions Amaranth popcorn and Alegria 15мин easy 3 portions Oriental wholegrain ashure 60мин fairly easy 5 portions Chocolate Chia shake 15мин fairly easy 4 portions Mini oat flakes pancakes with banana and berries 30мин easy 3 portions Muesli bars 60мин fairly easy 3 portions Miso soup with pearl barley 60мин easy 6 portions Stuffed baked pumpkin pilaf with chickpeas and barley 90мин complex 2 portions Pralines 10мин easy 4 portions Chia pudding with almond milk – energising breakfast of seasonal fruit 65мин easy 2 portions Stuffed peppers with quinoa and amaranth 90мин fairly easy 4 portions Quinoa tabbouleh with shrimp 30мин fairly easy 4 portions Chocolate Chia shake Многоцветна салата с киноа и чипс от зеленчуци от Диана Шингарова easy