The menu of the employee

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In the article “5 reasons why breakfast is so important”, we explained why breakfast is important. Now we have prepared some menu tips for your full with action day.

We start…


This is the first meal of the day, which makes it extremely important for metabolism. Bowl of yogurt, oat flakes and one teaspoon will give the required portion of fibres per day and sate for long. Accompanied by a cup of coffee and the obligatory glass of water makes your breakfast complete.

Before lunch

For those who play sports and love to pamper we recommend 30-50 g nuts.

For abiding dieta – fruit, it is preferable to be citrus, kiwi or apple.


It is advisable to attend your lunch salad. Vegetables all year round, quite diverse. Salad obtain such fibres body that make you feel full and “light” because it help to facilitate absorption of food.


Fruit, tea, juice or just coffee.

Remember to drink water!


This should be at a slight eat because your body night rests and processed carbohydrates more slowly. This does not mean starving yourself, but to reduce the amount of carbohydrate foods you eat.

If food is fully and regularly, you will feel fresh, confident and vitality every day!