What is Danube Soya?

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Danube soya

is an independent non-profit organization that represents the most significant initiative in the agricultural sector in Europe. Danube soya binds civil society, politicians and business leaders from all sectors of the supply chain, starting from GMO-free seeds production to the production of animal feed of vegetable origin. Danube soya stays behind GMO-free soya, quality assured and originated from the Danube region and includes about 175 members from all over Europe.


Association Danube soya works to objectively improve conditions for successful cultivation of protein crops in Europe and minimum import of soybeans. The main office of Danube Soya is located in Vienna; there are several  regional offices in Novi Sad, Serbia, in Bucharest, Romania. Representatives of the Danube Soya are in Switzerland and Italy.

Further information on Danube Soya can be found at www.donausoja.org.